How to Clean Your Coffee Maker

how to clean your coffee makerEven The Best Coffee Pot gets dirty. When yours does, just follow the instructions below to make it sparkle like new again.

Coffee Maker Cleaning – A Tutorial

Before cleaning, make sure your coffee pot is unplugged, and away from all electrical outlets.

Daily Cleaning

Simply remove your coffee pot from the coffeemaker itself and clean with hot water and a mild dish detergent. Never clean the coffee pot with abrasive objects or harsh cleansers. Most modern coffee pots and other removable parts can be cleaned in the dishwasher as well. See your coffee pot’s instructional manual to see what is and is not dishwasher safe.

Regular Upkeep

Over time, minerals from your drinking water, such as calcium, will build up inside your coffeemaker. These buildups, if left unchecked, can impede the performance of your coffeemaker and even spoil the flavor of your coffee!

Most coffee pots will have a “clean” mode. In general, white household vinegar can be substituted for name brand coffee pot cleaner.

To clean your coffeemaker, fill the reservoir with about 4 cups of vinegar or cleaning solution, then place a clean coffee filter in the filter tray. Then, hit the “cleaning” button located on the front of the coffeemaker. The cleaning cycle will be automatic, and take anywhere from 40 minutes to an hour.

Once the cleaning cycle is complete, clean out your coffee pot, discard the used filter, and rinse out the filter tray. Then, fill the reservoir with clean, fresh water and run a full brew cycle. Do these steps one more time and your coffeemaker will be clean, rinsed, and ready to brew more tasty, tasty coffee!

It is recommended that you run your coffeemaker through a cleaning cycle every 40 to 80 brew cycles, depending on the water quality in your area.

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